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Surgical Instrument Cleaning Sponges:
Rectangular Shaped Sponge
Order Number: ESW105200
Flat, Multi-Use, Sponges are Pre-loaded with highly concentrated Enzyme Detergents.
Individual Packaged 200 ea. Per Case (4 boxes of 50) Contents: Cleaning Sponge are Pre-loaded with Enzyme Detergent.
Cleaning Sponge Size:
4" Wide x 5" Long x 1/2" High

Endoscope Cleaning Tubular Sponges:
Tubular Shaped Sponge with bore for holding tubular devices
Order Number: ESW104100
Tubular Shaped with internal channel for holding tubular devices,
Multi-Use, Sponge, Loaded with highly concentrated Endoscope Enzyme Detergents. Individual Packaged 100 ea. Per Case (4 boxes of 25)
Contents: Sponge Pre-soaked with Enzyme Detergent
Sponge Size: 4.5"Long x 2.4" Diameter

Sponges, Bedside Cleaning Kits
Bedside Cleaning Kit
for Medical Devices and Equipment
Appli-Kit, Order Number: APT215035
Pouch contains Sponge and 215 ml of the highly concentrated Enzyme Detergents.
Pouch has a wide base pouch for stability.
Packaged 35 ea. Per Case
Pouch with Sponge and 215 ml of Enzyme Detergent
Sponge Size: 4.5"Long x 2.4" Diameter

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Endoscope Cleaning Sponges

The medical device cleaning sponges are; flat and tubular shaped, dry, or preloaded with enzyme detergent cleaners.

Tubular shaped endoscope cleaning sponges provide an additional margin of safety when manually cleaning endoscopes.
tubular endoscope cleaning sponges
Endoscope Cleaning Tubular Sponges